Clarification in accordance with Art. 13, legislative decree no. 196/2003
Dear Sir or Madam,

The Italian Data Protection Act no. 196/2003 protects persons and other subjects when their personal data are processed.
Your data will be handled by us in a confidential and correct manner in accordance with the Act. In accordance with Art. 13 of the 196/2003 Data Protection Act we would like to inform you of the following:

  1. The data collected from you will be used for the following purpose: necessities by law, legislative decrees and social rules as well as requirements by civil law and tax administration, contractual necesseties towards the person concerned, Mailing advertising material
  2. Your data will be processed using the following methods: The data will be processed with or without electronical means but in any case they will pass through automatic means. However, data processing will be follow strict security regulations that guarantee safety and secrecy.
  3. Release of your data is optional – once checking in on location it is compulsory in order to fulfill legal requirements. Refusing to release your data will have no consequences/will have consequences for the completion or partial completion of the agreement/continuation of business relations.
  4. Your data will not be passed on to third parties or distributed except to public administration and autorities if upon legal requirements.
  5. The data processor is Otto Pomella
  6. The person in charge of data processing is Otto Pomella
  7. In accordance with Art. 7 of the Data Protection Act 196/2003 you can exercise your rights against the data processor, which are listed in detail below, at any time: Otto Pomella, Obergasse 30 A, 39040 Kurtatsch, Italy,

the owner is
Pomella Otto
Obergasse 30 A, I-39040 Kurtatsch


Lindenhof Journal

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